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Deployment of our pipe inspection robot at DOE facility

Hey reader!

My name is Andrew Tallaksen, and I’m currently a mechanical engineering master student at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU). I hope this website gives you a little better idea of who I am and the projects that I’ve worked on.

My interests include mechanical design, robotics, mechatronics, and space. My affinity for working with with my hands and designing tangible things led me towards mechanical engineering. As an undergrad at Cooper Union and working as a Project Engineer in-between my undergraduate and graduate studies, I developed solid skills in mechanical design, that have been refined in grad school. I decided to continue to grad school at CMU because not only do I like designing and building, I also like bringing these designs to life, and understanding how the whole system works. That’s where robotics and mechatronics come in. During my time at CMU I’ve gained experience in programming by taking courses in C/C++ and Python, and have been involved in large projects where I have applied my mechanical engineering skills and developed some skills working with electronics.

Apart from engineering, you can find me on the court (I’m on an intramural basketball team here at CMU), and sometimes on stage (I’m currently taking voice lessons, maybe some videos will appear here one day).

I hope you enjoy scrolling through the site. Don’t be afraid to leave questions/comments!

A cappella singing in undergrad.
Playing basketball as part of the Cooper Union Basketball Team.